Detective Special - 14oz Premium Coffee

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Read what you will into the name, but we can assure you, this coffee is suited for the drinker with special tastes in coffee. This is a mild, low-acidity, three-bean blend, roasted to dark perfection; featuring a bodied flavor from the island of Sulawesi with "chocolatey" undertones provided by our Bali-origin bean. Like all our coffees, these beans are imported from Indonesia, roasted dark for use as either drip or espresso, and designed to deliver a unique experience. "Detective Special" is great for a coffee drinker who does not want to be overwhelmed by coffee strength or acidity, but still wishes to experience coffee with good body with a hint of chocolate, and faint yet gentle-on-the-senses "spicy" undertones. A portion of this blend features "monsooned" beans, which ensures a low-acidity cup of coffee despite being a dark roast.

Bag Size: 14oz

Beans in Blend: 3

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